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Skincare proposal for sensitive and weak skin


Probiotics external application technologyXCordyceps Extract can protect and moisturize the skin


The Sensitive Skincare Proposal is specially designed for people of all ages suffering from weak and sensitive skin. This skincare proposal can help alleviate discomforts caused by redness, roughness, itching, and more for your loved ones.


All products in the Sensitive Skincare Proposal contains Cordyceps ectract combined with the protective and nourishing ingredients of Bifidobacterium to not only provide the skin with nutrients, but it also stabilizes the immune system allowing your skin to form a strong protective layer to isolate external stimuli.

Enhance your skin's moisturizing, healing, and regenerating abilities with this skincare proposal.

Meet your「Cleansing, Moisturizing」needs whether at「Home, Outdoors」


In the「Sensitive Skincare Proposal」series: Wonder Cream, Soothing Spray, Baby Bath, and Soft Lotion is a combination of 4 different products that meets different aspects of skincare. The packaging allows it for you to be able to bring around anywhere you go, so you may protect your skin from any external stimuli at any given time. Keep your skin moisturized, smooth, and healthy always and everywhere.

The secret to anti-allergic and rejuvenation:

Globally Exclusive White Cordyceps

Cordyceps Extract used in the「Sensitive Skincare Proposal」is the world's exclusive highly active Cordyceps sinensis cultivated by Taiwan's Minggu Agricultural Biotechnology through the「Adversity Environmental Control Cultivation」 technology, because it is cultivated in an adverse environment, it is more active than normal Cordyceps, and more effective in suppressing allergies and inflammation.


Oher will firmly cooperate with Taiwan's Minggu Agricultural Biotechnology, because we share the same philosophy——we develop better products for our loved ones. Wei ZhiHao, Chief Executive Officer of Minggu Agricultural Biotechnology who suffered from allergies and asthma as a child, insisted on using only organic grains and plant protein as the Cordyceps culture medium, and has successfully cultivated「no pesticides, no heavy metal, no sulfur dioxide」vegan organic Cordyceps. This is the simplest and purest product for you and your loved ones; Oher will continue to pass on this intention through the「Sensitive Skincare Proposal」series of products to care for your skin and your loved ones.


SGS Certifications

Certified with no pesticides, heavy metals, or sulfur dioxide

oher O × 3宣言

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   而是為了不讓世界改變我們。  」


oher 願意一路奮戰

為實踐「O × 3宣言」,



在原料市場上,同樣一瓶有機金盞花濃縮精華,貴的供應商和便宜的可以差到 5 倍價錢;同樣一瓶植物提取的清潔成分,可以差到 8 倍價錢。




天然品牌經常被詬病產品效用不如其他化工添加產品,oher 希望從原料的選用上來消除這份疑慮。這也是為什麼我們願意花更多的錢,相信專業的力量,選擇美國進口原料的原因

為實踐「O × 3宣言」,



在產品研製上,我們不使用可能對人體造成負擔的成分,使保養回歸簡單,用溫柔的力量讓肌膚主動學習「自癒」。我們相信:Less is more. 少一份添加,就能多一分真實。天然也許不如化工那麼快到達美麗,但長線來看,它會使你內在外在,都持續散發自然的美。